The two major issues in Canadian Forestry are:

  1. The Mountain Pine Beetle 
  2. Forest Fires

We do a good job of planting more trees than we harvest in Canada! By offering a solution that can reduce labour,  time, and money, we will be able to start planting trees in areas that have no plans for reclamation yet.

Around the Globe forest acreage is decreasing because:

  1. Conversion of forests,
  2. Forest fires,
  3. Fuelwood harvesting,
  4. Mining,
  5. Logging activities,
  6. Natural disasters and climate change. 

The economic, environmental and social costs that are associated with the degradation of forests are rising. There has been limited successful innovation in tree planting practices. Reforestations needs innovation: the TreeGro aims to reduce the costs and time of reforestation. 


• Protect seeds from light

• Maintain seed hydration

• Dissolves in water

• Expands with water (+- 40X)

• Allows increased water storage

• Wildlife/insect deterrent available

• Hygroscopic gel matrix

• Nutrient, pH and microbiome mix

How it works

tgm process


R&D geared toward developing seedlings with drought tolerance due to better root systems.

  • Cost savings / Economical
  • Aerial delivery or planting / easier distribution
  • Natural development in situ from seed
  • Physiologically better adapted to environmental stress

OUr solution

  • Our solution could be broadcast over a burn site sooner than traditional seedlings as there is no substantial lead time out of the greenhouse.
  • Reforestation starts sooner.
  • The technology includes nutrients to get the seedling started.

site testing

Modules were placed in Alberta, 2021

Here are some of our findings: